Why Hire Private Transport for Business Conferences and Events

Leave the headache of planning of transport to our highly experience transport and travel planner while you invest time with your business partners. With our end-to-end private transportation service, you and your essential visitors will accomplish a lot more from the company trip.

Passengers taking a trip in cars and MPVs are not required to disembark from automobile, to clear immigration and customized at the 2nd level – conserve trouble and time (to bring along luggage to the upper floor of the immigration building to queue and clear). Keys belonging to the taking a trip guests should be passed to the driver who will pass all keys to the migration office at the immigration booth as he drives with the border. Next he stops the vehicle for the migration officer to inspect the baggage in the vehicle. If there is no luggage or inspection is not required, the driver proceeds to drive to destination. If required, the personalized policeman will require the particular traveler to open the luggage for checking.


When hiring a vehicle for private transport to Malaysia from Singapore, we recommend to travel in cars or MPV for convenience. It will save much time. If you have bigger group, you may opt to break the group to travel in 2 or more MPVs.

Here are the advantages of Private Door-to-Door Transport Service:.
Gives Ample Space – Renting a personal transport service enables you to occupy your bags and various other individual belongings secured in the vehicle.
Travel Safely – Hire an exclusive transportation service allow you to reach your location safely and free from any problem. Exclusive transportation service likewise guarantee that the vehicles are in good condition.
Relax while Traveling – You can travel without stressing over anything. All you have to do is sit down and delight in the journey. Chance to sleep and rest from beginning to end of journey. Offer Privacy, non-sharing, commode and treat break anytime on the freeway.
Economical Services – Cost efficient if taking a trip group is in between 5 pax or more. Drivers can help you in reaching your preferred location. In addition, you can get this perk without spending excessive cash.

Drawbacks of Traveling by Plane.
The seat are typically cramp, potential air travel delay, sometimes you could have irritating guests on left or right, front and back. There is no chance for rest.
Below are the relative benefit of Private Transport Services:.
By Plane: Total Journey time: 6.5 hours. 6 sub jobs.
5pm: Left KL Hotel in city to KLIA.
7pm: Arrive at KLIA, 2 hours before air travel departure.
9pm: Estimated Departure flight time.
9.20 pm: Actual Flight take off.
10pm: Flight landed Singapore.
10.40 pm: Clear migration and customized at Changi Airport.
11.30 pm: Arrive Home.

By Coach: Total Journey time: 6.5 hours. 3 sub jobs.
4.30 pm: Left KL Hotel to KL coach terminal.
5pm: Coach departs from KL City.
10.30 pm: Coach get to coach terminal in Spore.
11pm: Arrive Home.

By Private Door-to-Door Transport: 6 hours. 1 sub job.
4.30 pm: Pickup at KL Hotel.
10.30 pm: Arrive Home.
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