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Antivirus Software Could Make you Less Secure Because Vendors are ignoring Security Best Practices

Antivirus software is not only a resource intensive but in some cases it make you less secure cause it can be hacked itself. New researches has revealed that few of the antivirus software like McAfee and AVG contains bugs which could be remotely exploited by targeted attacks. The details about these bugs are explained in a blog post written by Information Security Engineer Ormandy Tavis, a member of Google Project Zero vulnerability research team. And also antivirus vendors told all of the vulnerabilities that were disclosed by Ormandy were fixed, few of the bugs have not yet been disclosed since the fixes are not available.

In addition, Ormandy posted in his blog that he has not finished auditing of McAfee product and is still filling new bugs. I will post more remote code execution vulnerabilities in McAfee as the fixes are released. I will talk about the patches for remote network attacks once the fixes are live.

One vulnerability Ormandy found could have been prevented in McAfee had enabled / GS, a best pest practice that prevent buffer over flows, which are a frequent attacks. Generally /GS has been enabled by default for many years, so it is not clear why McAfee would have not it enabled. If you expect your application to have no security vulnerabilities disable it.

In future we would like to see antivirus unpackers and parsers sandboxed, not run with SYSTEM privileges, Ormandy wrote. McAfee didn’t run a system privileges cause McAfee didn’t run their unpacker in sandbox, vulnerabilities in unpackers led to full compromise & virus removal could become complex.

Officially McAfee antivirus is compatible with all Windows operating systems. However, some users have problems with running Trend Micro on Windows recent version. This article covers all well-known Trend Micro problems. Here we covered Trend Micro common problems. General suggestion to avoid compatibility problems between Windows and Avast antivirus is to keep both of them updated.

You can opt to install McAfee antivirus software to safeguard your data from being compromised by cyber criminals. McAfee is reliable name in Internet Security software and could make it easy to protect your computers. Don’t know how to fix McAfee problems? You can contact technical support team for all your queries. Expert technical support team can provide extensive support for McAfee problems to keep your nformation safe.

Previously vulnerabilities have been found in Sophos, Microsoft anti-malware products, Fire Eye technology, ESET security products and other antivirus products.