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Advantages of 4G Antennas – High Speed and Overall Better Connectivity

As the fourth generation technology in the field of mobile phone mobile communications, 4G is able to provide users with ultra-broadband Internet access. One of the greatest advantages of using 4G antennas is the fact that they can provide users with long range coverage while also allowing for high speed connections even in the most remote locations or in the harshest conditions.

Even if you are outside the official 4G coverage, you can get past the slow speed connections and dropouts with the help of 4G antennas. By using these powerful devices, you will be able to dramatically increase not only the peak speed of your connection, but also its consistency.

One of the most popular types of 4G antennas is the panel directional antenna, which is can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Panel antennas can support multiband operations and provide users who are typically in need of wide coverage or long range connectivity. These types of antennas can be installed on roofs, easily mounted right on a wall or on a pole. Panel antennas come in all sizes, and of course the larger ones are more intended for outdoor use. The sheer amount of radiation emitted from one large panel antenna is dangerous for an indoor environment.

Another noteworthy 4G antenna is the dipole omnidirectional antenna. It too is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it can be rotated 360 degrees in order to provide maximum coverage, sometimes having stop positions along the axis. It is ideal to be used for obtaining a high speed wireless connection.


You will want your antenna in a place where it will provide the best line of sight in the signal path that you are want to make or trying to receive.

You will want to put your 4G device that receives the signal, as close to the antenna as possible, because some of the 4G signal is lost in the cable that connects this device to the antenna. Therefore, if you are mounting the antenna outdoors, you will want to use an outdoor enclosure for a WiFi router so that you can place the 4G device in a high place such as on the roof, or high up on ax external wall. If you mount the antenna on a roof, you can use a pole mount that connects to the roof and ajusts: These are often referred to as a “J-mount.”