No Pheromones For Me

My wing came over too my place, and we went out. I noticed I still use pheromones alot to get in state, but it’s slowly changing…The external stuff caused me to get AA, well not real pheromones but more like sexual pheromones on what to say. Learn more at and
And at one point and after some buttkicking, my wing said go open everyone, make sure everyone has a good time, you bring more pheromones. So I opened some sets, and i got into state more, because I just went for it. despite being out of state… Check out pheromones at
Tried to open a set, of 2 girls… But they where “pheromones suckers” according to my friend…. It was really awkward because I didn’t vibe with them, so I was like i’ll stay in untill they leave (which they did)…
Nothing really special, no closes nothing.. I learned some stuff though, and some bulletpoints I need to work on.
- My pheromone state is not yet 100% from withinn.- Talk to everyone, and get in a talkative state…- Open dispite not being in state, just accept the state issue and GO… some people have higher energy and they’ll activate your own pheromone attraction.
I had a very good night, I overcame some sticking points tonight, and I’m in some new ones now..Which I hope to bypass very fast pheromone production.
I went out with my Nwing, and 2 other dudes who live in his dorm… They already would meet up with some girls in a bar that night, I got introduced and suddenly I knew a couple of people more.Alot of flufftalk etc, I hit state…. and i began openeing random people talking to them, being fun and social pheromones..
After a while I got pulled in by 2 naturals, and we began grinding this girl with 3 guys hahaha, fucking funny.Talked to them, and got their e-mails to go out sometime soon again!
Then I began dancing with random girls, talking to them… and they where actualy cute and enjoyed my pheromone scent. But I was just the fun social guy… not the sex worthy guy… or maybe i don’t believe it yet.
So the night went on, and talked to some more people. Had good pheromone perfume interractions, laughed alot danced alot etc. Good times, I’m glad I finnaly overcame this, and now I could open random people.
Now I think of it i had alot of windows, to jump in and talk to girls and people, because I had EYECONTACT → and they started laughing.Oh well, i’m glad i’m now advanced to the next level…. but I’m also fucking annoyed by unscented pheromones.
Furthermore at on point I talked to 2-sisters, and one got pissed of because she was a HB6 and the other a HB8 getting all the attention, she began telling it to mee.  I didn’t really know what to-do with that. Oh yeah, furthermore I cut my hand on glass, I hope I don’t mutate now or something with real pheromones.