Do you know the Beautiful Beach at Mersing, Malaysia?

Compared to various other towns and cities in Malaysia, Mersing might strike visitors as a quiet fishing town that functions as an entrance for people going to close-by islands. Some would consider this town a stopover where they can equip offers for their next schedule or take a quick break from their journey. What lots of don’t see is that Mersing is a destination in itself, with the many things you can see and do here. So the next time you pertain to Mersing, engage in these 3 tasks:


Frolic by the beach. The town’s eastern coastline flaunts unspoiled beaches with sandy coasts and rocky banks. On the other hand, some 12 km north of Mersing is Air Papan, which provides travelers a relaxing, secluded, and stunning exotic sanctuary. The 3-km stretch of sand is matched by pristine waters and an area of trees. The beach below is a popular site for picnics, specifically throughout weekends and public holidays. It likewise works as a host to “Pesta Air Papan,” which features cultural efficiencies, traditional games, and food and craft fairs that bring in many residents and foreign vacationers.

Take pleasure in excellent food and great finds. Mersing is dotted with lots of dining options, from conventional coffeehouse and hawker stalls to convenience food outlets and modern-day dining establishments. Not only does this town work up tasty fare – it likewise provides them at a more economical price compared to the other islands of Johor, Malaysia. A few of the must-try food are the Malay cakes, satar, kropok lekor, and the conventional confectioneries referred to as “kueh.”.


Mersing likewise has an abundance of shops that offers items at a much cheaper expense than those in mainland Johor. Tourists will discover the Giant Supermarket and Kini Grocery store really practical stops where they can get what they require before heading off for a journey to the next island destination.

Discover its beauty. It might be a dynamic tourist town, however Mersing is mainly a peaceful fishing town. And since it is not as highly developed as its neighboring towns, one can still find the small-town look and spirit that as soon as existed in Malaysia. Regardless of the influx of travelers, Mersing preserves a slow-paced life, and much of its environments are still well-preserved even throughout these modern-day times. This element of the town attract visitors from all over that they pick booking an accommodation in Mersing than in the various other islands found in Malaysia.

Rawa is another fantastic destination that has a lot of seasides. It needs only thirty minutes ferry journey to go to Rawa from Mersing. Rawa is not commercial as Tioman. It provides definitely a tranquil and calm coastline side trip. To get to Mersing, you can look up transport to MERSING that offers transportations for groups or family without the headache.